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Welcome to the world of Risky Business

Our aim is to organise and run conferences and courses to improve safety and outcomes in healthcare and other high risk industries. We do this through sharing experiences & ideas between those who operate in risky environments such as business, emergency services, exploration, sport & healthcare. Learning how to manage risk, harness innovation, improve teamwork and leadership are vital ingredients in achieving these goals. Most of these talks are also available free to view on this site.

Our Latest Talks

Anthony Bennett

How to take a great “Selfie”

Mandy Hickson

Leading from the front

Hannah MacCleod

understanding the different generations in a winning team

Professor Sir Terence Stephenson

Individual vs system responsibility when things go wrong.

Mark O’Brien

Dealing with ‘Special Colleagues’ at an organisational level.

Lord John Anthony Bird MBE

From homeless to House of Lords – Hubris and how to prevent it

Interview: Charlie Start meets Katie Walsh

What it takes to ride the Grand National

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Protecting the protectors: using brain science to keep firefighters safe

Rebecca Coombes

Protecting reputation under fire, supporting clients who are about to be exposed, managing fake news on Social Media.

Interview: Katie Derham meets Lord Tebbit

Resilience in Politics and Great Leaders of Parliament

Prof Ian Goldin

Global threats and potential solutions

Millie Knight

Skiing blind down a slope at 70mph, crashing out and competing again to win Silver

Mark Soden

Dealing with narcissistic leaders in sport

Gillian Docherty

The technology world my daughter will live in 2030

Nico Rosberg

Q and A session “winning the world championship” - recorded.

Clair Davies

Supporting professional colleagues after recent major incidents in London 2017.

Benita Alexander

The downfall of a world famous surgeon

Dr Clifford Mann

Update, successes & challenges of the national A&E and GIRFT programmes

Jeffrey Smele

Protecting reputation under fire, supporting clients who are about to be exposed, managing fake news on Social Media.

Morwena Hall

leading a major development site at Kings Cross

Paul Mattin

South Pole the hard way - 71 days and 1500 miles of adventure

Hashi Mohamed

It’s all about hard work?

Chris Elliot

Protecting reputation under fire, supporting clients who are about to be exposed, managing fake news on Social Media.

Neil Spenceley

Playing nicely in the sandbox, or not?

Jon Snow

What does Grenfell tell us.

Paul Flatters

Millenials, the new generation - what does the evidence tell us.

Terry Jones

Leading the National Farmers Union though Brexit

Jeremy Bowen

Managing risk in war zones

Catherine MacDonald

Communicating with “Special Colleagues”

Prof Harold Thimbleby

Risky digital healthcare – and how to fix it.

Featured Talks

Ross Brawn

Winning the F1 World Championship

John Madden

Makinge an Oscar winning movie

Pedro Algorta

"Alive" Andes Crash victims supporting Chilean miners

Rory Sutherland

Getting people to change brands & wash their hands?

Arthur Gillis

Customer satisfaction

Danny Kerry

Winning Olympic gold in hockey, culture precedes performance

Jerry Brown

Fighting Ebola in Liberia

Michael Buist

Being a patient in your own ICU

Brooke Kinsella

Restorative justice

Martin Bromiley

Never "Just a routine operation"

Lewis Gordon Pugh

Swimming across north pole - Choosing your Team

Devi Shetty

Improvement through Economy of Scale

Jamie Andrew

Trapped on top of Les Droites mountain for 48 hours

John Barnes

How ‘I’ fits into TEAM, and the super "I"

Mike Barratt

Teamwork on the International Space Station

Matthew Syed

Black Box thinking

Steve Kreiser

Situation awareness on an aircraft carrier

David Spiegelhalter

Cool ways to present risk data

Gabby Logan Meets Lizzy Yarnold

Winning Olympic Gold in the skeleton

David Owen

Hubris & power can influence judgement

Hilary Davan Wetton

Is your conductor really necessary?

Simon Stevens

De-briefing 'Red Arrows Style'

Elizabeth Stokoe

Controling a conversation with a single word

Patricia Paskins

Adapting royal butler household services to healthcare

Kathryn Schulz

Being Wrong, adventures in the margin of error.

Gerald Hickson

Dealing with special colleagues

Simon Yates

cutting the rope -Touching the Void

Sekou Andrews

Healthcare through the eyes of the patient

Albie Sachs

Car bomb victim - Truth and reconciliation at the limits

Will Carnegie

Freak accident during Sydney Hobart race

Hassan Khan

Playing for England blind cricket team, attitude is everything

Vicky Balch

Alton tower smiler victim - No point blaming people

Mark de Rond

Misconceptions of what makes for great teams

Anthony Bennett

Surviving ECMO

Crisis Management

Sherron Watkins

ENRON whistleblower - lessons learnt

Tom Henricks

The Columbia Shuttle Accident

Kenneth Kamler

Disaster on Everest

John Wick

UK Parliamentary Expenses scandal from Whistleblower

Michael Harwood

The worldwide threats still facing us

Chris Allen

Piper Alpha - lessons learnt

Ian Blair

London 7/7 Bombing and Stockwell shooting disaster - lessons

Julie Bailey

whistleblower- Mid Staffordshire Hospital Failure

Robert Calvert

Volcanic ash - Is it safe to fly through

Helen Rycraft

Lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Tom Kelly

Terminal 5 opening disaster & Northern Ireland Peace Process

Steve Richards

The Risks of the Scottish referendum

David Spiegelhalter

The two sides of swine flu risk

Nick Coleman

BP Deepwater Horizon disaster - lessons

Paul Moore

Banking crisis - HBOS Whistleblower

Clare Bowen

Tragic story of Bethany Bowen

Faz Peermohamed

The Titanic, Prestige, & Costa Concordia disasters

Geraint Vincent

The Haiti earthquake

Survival Stories

Roberto Canessa

"Alive"- Andes plane crash -Leadership under stress

Mike Golding

Rescuing your arch rival

David Evans

Flight QF32; Engine explosion on take-off on the Airbus A380

Hugh Montgomery

Physiology of extreme survival on Everest and ICU

Mark de Rond

First Unsupported Row Of The Amazon River

Bill Hagan

747 Flight deck intrusion en route to Nairobi

Attitude is everything

Miles Hilton Barber

The only limits are yourself!

Alf Dunbar

Attitude you are the difference

Nicola Horlick

Having it all

Ben McBean

Surviving an IED Blast - Putting life into perspective

Human factors & performance

Tom Henricks

The final briefing in the shuttle

Glenn Mead

The Chimp Paradox- balancing our emotive and human responses

Pat Croskerry

Decision Making and human Error

Paul Bonhomme

Mental Rehearsal and Visualisation

Dennis Quaid

Why my twins were given a massive heparin overdose

Charles Vincent

Does mental practice improve performance?

Ian Rowland

Illusion and cold reading,

William Lewinski

Situation Awareness under extreme stress like police shootings

Tom Aikens

Being a Michelin Chef - Quality is everything

Dalton Grant

Winning a world championship gold in highjump l

Jane Carthey

The Hospital at Night Programme

Ed Hickey & Guy Hirst

Reviewing the flight path of every cardiac patient

James Reason

Ingredients of heroic recovery

Peter Laussen

Training to be an outlier: the 10,000 hour barrier

Chris Brooks

Training helicopter pilots to survive ditching in the sea

Stella Xin

Hospital Code Drills

Bren Neale

The story of Dr John Hubley

Duncan Murrell

Photographing whales in a canoo

Gareth Davies

Fom Helicopters ambulances to Fast Cars

Rhona Flin

Behaviour and safety

Truth, Openess & Forgiveness

Tariq Jahan

Tragic loss of life during UK Summer riots - reconcilliation in extreme

James Fraser

Lessons from Child Death Review Panels

Bromiley, Bowen & Dinwoodie

How to tell a patient you have made a terrible mistake

Paul Levy

Hospital transparency on socialmedia

Dr Neil Bacon

Power of patient feedback on the web

Sidney Dekker

Just culture after serious incident

Risky Business / BMJ Teamwork

Teamwork & Leadership - BMJ summary video

Gerald Hickson

Listening to families

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee

Brighton hotel bombing Recon- Rciliation at the extreme

Dean Richards

'The Bloodgate' rugby incident

Extraordinary teamwork and Leadership

Steve Richards

Can leaders run a country with dysfunctional relationships at the top?

Larry Roy

Saturday night is only good for fighting

Brendan Venter

The locker room talk before big match

Leadership Panel

Leaders from F1, BA, Met and NHS - Doing more for less & better

Keith Williams

BA cabin strike - Resolving long-standing disputes

Neil Spenceley

Playing nicely in the sandbox, or no

Catherine Bishop

Building effective teams under extreme stress

BMJ Learning

Teamwork Summary Video form from BMJ learning

Eva Carneiro

Being a premier league football doctor - potential conflicts of interest

Mike Brearley

Narcissism, leadership a teamwork

Andy Offer

How Red Arrows hire the right stuff

R Dowbiggin /M de Rond

The Cambridge Boat Race Victory - to hell & back

Supporting colleagues after a major incident

Terence Montague

The Second Victim

Julie Thao

Being charged for manslaughter for a drug error!

Joerg Leonhardt

Getting 'back in the saddle' in air traffic control

Geoff McDonald

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Burnout

Harris Baden

Burnout and effect on safety

Suzy Jordache

Physician burnout

David DeMaso

Isolation, shame, and anger after a trial

Investigation, Regulation & Litigation

James Badenoch

The need for litigation!

Lilliane Field

What to do from legal perspective when you make mistake in healthcare

Arthur Gillis

Moments of Truth in the hotel industry

Guy Hirst

Regulation in the Airline Industry

Gretchen Haskins

Regulation and safety performance

Gerald Hickson

Avoiding litigation

Andrew Blackie

Lessons from Shoreham - after the call comes in

Shawn Pruchnicki

The Lexington air disaster

John Tiner

Regulation in the Financial Industry

Mark OBrien

Preventing litigation

Chris Allen

Regulation in the Oil Industry

Sheila McLean

Alternatives to adversarial litigation

David Prior & James Titcombe

How CQC works- Lessons from death of Joshua

Geoff Bird

Drug errors are just as impactful as scalpels...

Graham Poll

Being a premier league & international football referee

Communication Skills

Steve Richards

Trump and Brexit, what next..

Chula, Fiona & Ranse

Mediation and Conflict Resolution-Live Demo

Beverly Milton-Edwards

Talking to the most wanted

Judith Orasanu

What I say I'll do - and what I actually do!


Surgical Safety Checklist

Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

Sanjay Malaviya

Leveraging technology to gather feedback directly from children

Dr Jack Kreindler

Health Innovators must refocus on the individual patient

Peter Laussen & Peter Waters

NASCARS, Simulation and Animation

Peter Waters

Virtual reality, animation Disney Style

Sarah Newcombe

Using technology to improve responsiveness to deteriorating patients

Professor Giovanna Tinetti

The Scope of the Universe & risks out there

Peter Kim

New product innovationn healthcare i

Wng Cdr Andy Jeffery

Operating remotely UAVs and Robotic Surgery

Dominic King

AI-enabled healthcare

Peter Kim

Intelligent and autonomous surgical robots

Craig Wilson

Engineering for success in F1 to baby pods

Big Data

Roger Taylor / Nick Black

DEBATE: All we need is HSMR data to see failing hospitals

Jeff Mainland

Data Analytics: Healthcare's New Stethoscope?

Peter Laussen

Personalising Big Data, signals noise & Risk

Jim Lock

Can smart clinical pathways save the health budget?

Martin Fletcher

Big data analysis on reported incidents

Brian Kavanagh

Protocolized Care - what is evidencebased care

Matt Brittin

Improvement GOOGLE Style

Safety Systems learning

Kenneth W Kizer

Transforming safety in The VA Hospitals in The US

Sid Watkins

Transforming safety in formula 1 racing

Brent James

Transforming an entire healthcare system using improvement science

Tim Galekop

Back to the future - Infection control

Stephen Muething

Situational awareness for a whole hospital

Sir David Dalton

Hospital CEO Perspective

Kate Concorran/Jane Kirton

The JL Partnership Model, couldwe use it in the NHS?

Dr. Rob Galloway

Frontline Doctors Perspective

Kevin Fong

Relating lessons from other high risk industries not that simple

Steve Muething

Changing patient safety culture across USA

James Reinertsen

Whats possible in safety in healthcarey

John Vincent

Changing the ‘school dinners culture’

Erik Hollnagel

Learning from what goes right-resilience engineering

Phil Wilson

The hospital control centre:

Adrian Plunkett

Positive reporting improves morale and outcome in sepsis

Cameron Hepburn

Achieving zero carbon emissions - can it be done?

Jeffrey Simmons

Managing flow and safety across siloes in hospitals

Lord Howe

Patient Safety systems within NHS

Bob Wachter

Comparing medical culture in the UK vs. US

James Reinertsen

What's possible in healthcare safety

Peter Waters

NASCAR Racing and focusing on the simple things

Alastair Scotland

The individual and the system in patient safety

Nana Twum-Danso

Quality improvement in Ghana

Jake Moores

Managing emergencies on a nuclear sub

Terence Stephenson

Safety systems in oil and gas

Ali Parsa

Can a NHS hospital be run by private company successfully?

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